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hysteria turns to numbness

spiraling pathways through the valley of boulders, a trickle of blood on black granite

disorientation floods the scene, evanescent 


I opened my eyes


the soft touch of an ethereal soul, leaving traces of luminescent fingerprints upon my skin. the spirit oozes out of the trees, dripping in lengths of wisteria, blossoming in fits of lavender, flowing gracefully in liquid form over pebbles and stones. All is alive. a delicate yet ominous temple upsurges from the forest ahead, in sync with the ascents of the mountain and neighboring trees.  

a culmination of energy takes bodily form as the protecting force of the lands, a goddess that leaves a swooping light trail with the inviting wave of her arm. snickers from the darkness tell me only a fool is to cross her twice. the spirit of the land is ominously present and unified. 

breathe in, out 


a pixie whispered for me to remember that any moment could be a dream


Garments by Jennifer Drantell, Photo by Mike Schalk